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Johnny submitted an e-mail that basically said, “I love being naked!” I really like guys who are direct, so we flew him out here and, man, he wasn’t kidding. He loves to be naked. He practically took his clothes off the minute he got in the car when we picked him up from the airport!

Johnny comes from a small farming town in the South. And when I say farming, I mean he picks cotton and drives a tractor through the fields twelve hours a day every weekend. He’s done it since he was a kid and he says he enjoys it. Being outdoors gives him a sense of peace, but sometimes, to make it more exciting, out in the middle of the cotton fields he’ll take his clothes off and spend half the day buck-ass naked! He doesn’t care if anybody sees him either, because he figures he’s out in the middle of nowhere.

One thing Johnny doesn’t lack is confidence. He’s confident enough to be naked in a field, on camera and probably in public. He’s also confident when it comes to sports. He played football in high school and when it came to tossing the pig skin around in the park with our camera crew, he kind of put them to shame!

All the time he spends outside, whether on a tractor, in a kayak or playing sports with his friends, definitely keeps his body in shape. He’s ripped up and very lean. Johnny says he’s a grower, not a shower, but I’ll attest that he’s nicely hung both soft and hard with a big set of low-hanging balls!

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