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Johnny & Campbell

Johnny & Campbell

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During his first visit, Johnny told us that he's very uninhibited and that he loves to be naked. That's something I wouldn't have guessed when I first met him because he's actually kind of shy and reserved. But first appearances can be deceiving and until you get to know someone, you never know how wild they can be.

So, when he agreed to hook up with Campbell, I wasn't sure how his shy-on-the-outside, wild-on-the-inside personality would play out.

Campbell is a lot like Johnny. He's reserved with his clothes on, but get him naked with a dick in his mouth or ass, and things change.

The other thing about Johnny is that he's a grower. His dick gets pretty big and thick when it gets hard.

And it got hard fast. That was pretty telling about how much of his wild-on-the-inside half was emerging. Once that big cock of his penetrated Campbell, sliding in and out... well, Campbell got aggressive too!

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