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A friend of mine was recently out at a gay club and came across Franco, this hot Italian bartender. After two or three glasses of liquid courage, my friend approached him and struck up a conversation. They chatted and then he mentioned to Franco that he should give me a call sometime and gave him a card.

Franco took the card and said, “You know I’m straight, right?”

"So are most of the guys we work with,” my friend replied.

Franco smiled at him, shook his hand and back to work he went.

About a week later, there was a voicemail from Franco saying he’d be willing to come in and see what we were all about. So, I called him back, asked him to send in a few photos and go from there. Since I hadn’t seen him and was completely going off my friend’s word, I wasn't sure what to expect. Well, imagine my surprise when Franco turned out to be a muscled hunk!

Franco was a track star who took up weight training in high school. He hits the gym about four days a week now and has a thick chest and shoulders, chiseled abs and meaty legs to show for it!

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