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Chris & Brodie

Chris & Brodie

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Remember those two jock guys in high school that were always together? They partied, took the same classes, played all the same sports? Inseparable. Best friends. Possibly fucking each other but no one would know except them because there was “no way” such macho studs could possibly enjoy rolling around naked together. That is exactly what Chris and Brodie reminded me of.

I didn’t expect such playfulness and energy out of these two. It was like they were long lost buds reconnecting after years of not seeing each other. Right off the bat, they started talking about what routines they followed to stay in shape. I wasn’t going to waste any opportunity to see the two of them get all sweaty and worked up, so we stopped at a park for a semi-naked workout. Let's just say that a straight couple having a picnic nearby got an eyeful!

Then they got into a wrestling lesson of sorts — pointing out the homoerotic elements of the sport and joking about the “top” and “bottom” positions as Chris wrapped Brodie in a hold and reached his hand into his shorts.

And then Brodie took control of Chris and pinned him down — literally. Both naked. Both riled up from the wrestling. It might have been a bit difficult at first, but once Brodie opened up Chris' hole, the fucking was deep and non-stop. You could see the full impact of Brodie's dick as Chris bounced up and down on it. By the time all was said and done, Chris was thoroughly fucked!

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