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Isaiah is a self-proclaimed nature-loving mountain man. It makes sense considering he grew up around a wild forest and mountains that he saw as his own backyard. Fun for him was going out with his friends and spending days hiking and exploring the woods. His eyes lit up when I asked him what his dream job was.

“I’d love to be a dolphin trainer. You spend all day in the water, feeding them fish, jumping around the water with them. It would be awesome.”

“Have you ever played with dolphins?” I asked.

“No I haven’t," he replied. “From what I’ve heard they’re the most playful animal there is!”

I was really impressed with his knowledge of nature and animals. He got to see a different side of it when he visited the ocean. Besides his interest in animals, he takes good care of himself as well. He eats a healthy diet, trains in the the gym and has played soccer for seven years. If you like a guy who loves animals and has big nipples, a furry butt and an uncut dick that shoots a big load, then you’ll love Isaiah!

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