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There was instant intrigue when I first met Sander. I couldn’t figure out where he stood sexually or physically. I know that sounds odd but I can explain. He was very quiet and ambiguous at first about a lot of things, which I can understand considering he was about to let it all hang out for the world to see. He didn’t say if he had a girlfriend or what he did for fun and had a lot of short answers while we got things ready. And then the clothes came off and his playfulness came out in full force!

He’s 26 years old, 6 feet tall, and 185 pounds of solid muscle. He is Norwegian mixed with Japanese. His father was an amateur bodybuilder and traveled the world for competitions. It’s how his parents met. And that explained his exotic looks and great body.

He also has a great ass, and he’s had the pleasure of getting it fucked before. Yes, he's into guys and he definitely has no problem filling the role of top or bottom when he meets a someone he really likes.

Sander is good at sports, and he continues to work his body to its full potential. He has a playful personality and he can quote cult classic movies with ease. I'm just glad that he came out of his shell and had a great time!

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