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Sander & Brodie

Sander & Brodie

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Sander must not realize how incredibly well built and hot he is. He gets a little “twittipated”, as he calls it, when he is around another attractive guy. Now I’ve never heard that term but I guess it means he gets bashful. There is absolutely no reason to be shy around Brodie. Everybody likes Brodie.

They joked around and flexed a little. That was a lot of muscle in the same room together — and Brodie seemed to really like the fact that he was with another guy that was just as big, if not bigger, than he was.

He cupped Sander’s butt in his hands, “See this is a nice ass, this is good.”

He also liked Sander’s pecs and armpits, and he slowly licked them, almost like he was showing he approved of this muscled stud. It wasn’t until they started fucking that I could see that they both really were feeding off each other. Brodie plowed into Sander’s butt like he wanted to fuck him all day.

And Sander loved every minute of it — balls slapping against his ass, Brodie rubbing on his chest until his stomach was covered in cum. Like I said, everybody likes Brodie and there is no reason to be bashful around him, especially after he’s fucked you good!

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