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Tory wouldn’t strike you as the type of guy that would be dropping his pants and jerking off for anyone to see. He’s soft spoken and baby faced and it turns out that he used to be too shy to get naked for anyone at all.

It’s hard to believe, but at one point he weighed in at 125 pounds.

“I was really, really skinny,” he admitted.

He told me about one of his teenage jobs, where he stood outside jumping around on a street corner holding an advertising sign and wearing a silly clown costume.

“The suit felt like a tent on me,” he said. “I felt like a total dork.”

So he’s gone from a cute nerd to hot and “shredded,” as he would say, in about a year. Now he’s 155 pounds of solid muscle. His abs are what he’s most proud of, but I think he should be proud of it all!

I could tell that he enjoyed showing off for the camera. His cock seemed to get bigger and bigger the more he stroked it...

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