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Amos & Calvin

Amos & Calvin

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Amos was having a hard time deciding whether or not to jump into another film. I think he really wanted to experiment (and I suspect he has before), but the guys with military backgrounds almost always have reservations.

Now, if there's one thing that will get a “straight” guy out of his pants faster than anything, it’s a massage. If anything could put Amos at ease, it would be a good massage from a hot, hung guy.

One of the very few pieces of equipment I still have from the early days is my trusty massage table. Yeah, I’ve had some good times with that!

And who better than to give the massage than Calvin, who is a contrast of calm in life but voracious when it comes to sex.

Amos was actually really excited about the idea, and the second I saw Amos’ muscled bubble butt in the air, I knew that there was a reason I never got rid of that table!

Calvin took his time and explored Amos’ muscled body, relaxing him enough that Amos was comfortable grabbing onto Calvin’s dick as he got his ass massaged. When Amos flipped around, he already had a hard-on. But Calvin continued to rub, tease and suck on EVERY part of him.

The massage made Amos want to go all the way. He was so turned on that he was ready to get fucked...

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