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Marc, Rudy, and Tyler

Marc, Rudy, and Tyler

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The chemistry between Rudy and Tyler is unmistakable. They showed up for this shoot together and if I had to venture a guess I'd say that they have been hooking up off camera (of course, I could be wrong).

They had both been wanting to do another group video and when I showed them what I did with Marc they were definitely interested. I guess I'm not the only one around here with a taste for straight men.

At first I was a little uncomfortable about directing this one because as far as Marc knew I was just some guy who had been hired to blow him. I had Evan break the news to him and I think Marc was kind of uptight about it, but then realized.... "hey, it's just porn."

Before we turned the cameras on, we had the guys sit around and bullshit to break the ice a little. Marc was pretty quiet but once the fucking started he really surprised me. He was rock hard the whole time and really gave the boys' asses a pounding. Tyler really loves to get fucked and he had a big grin on his face the whole time.

For a change of scenery we did this video in a hotel room. The walls were thin and I'm pretty sure the people next door (a couple of women in their twenties) really got an earful. They didn't complain or anything so I'm guessing that they either didn't care or liked what they heard.

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