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Christopher has a very sexy southern “twang” when he talks. It’s surprising since he has lived in Europe and other parts of the world, yet he's managed to maintain his accent. His world travels exposed him to soccer — a sport that he took on and has been playing for eight years. Now, my only knowledge of soccer players is that they have amazing bodies and probably the best asses you can find. Christopher is no exception. Meet the ass that can squat 400 pounds!

“You squat 400 pounds?” I asked in shock.

“Yeah, when I was a senior, we had competitions all the time at the beginning of the season and I wanted to see how far I could take it.”

Testing his limits is something that he really enjoys doing — whether it’s working out, playing soccer, or having fun. He has a habit of running around naked and swinging his big dick around at parties. Just imagine a 6’2” ripped-up guy with a big muscled ass and a huge dick swinging your way? That would be a party to remember!

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