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Johnny & Lance

Johnny & Lance

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Take a guy from the city and a guy from the farm and you get some “trouble!” It’s the age old social experiment. Johnny drives a tractor and loves swinging his dick around in the fields. Lance drives his car through the city streets and swings his dick around in his bedroom. Take their clothes off and put a dick in their mouths and they have everything they need to have in common.

“So what do you think of this guy here?” I asked Johnny.

“He’s pretty interesting... he’s got lots of stories,” he laughed.

Lance does have a habit of performing a lot of online “research” when it comes to porn. I am not sure what he shared with Johnny but it didn’t seem to scare him off. In fact, I think the big grin on his face was a result of wanting to become one of Lance’s stories one day!

Once they got undressed, Johnny deep throated Lance, and Lance choked on Johnny’s fat dick as they 69’ed each other. You could see Lance’s legs shake as Johnny’s thick cock slid inside his ass. After a thorough and deep pounding, both of them were spent but obviously happy.

“Good work dude,” Lance said as he patted Johnny on the back. “You’re a champion buttfucker!”

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