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It seems that in every high school there is a group of “band geeks.” They always seem like they are up to something. They have their inside dirty jokes that no one else would understand. Some sort of sexual adventure is bound to happen when you spend most of your time blowing or banging on an instrument!

I sure didn’t peg Donovan as the “band geek” type. He’s a handsome, well-built guy with a great butt, big meaty pecs and sexy dark eyes. I thought he'd be a superstar jock for sure but it turns out he hadn’t really even picked up a football until we asked him to. He loves drumming in bands and has been doing it since middle school. We talked for a bit and he mentioned some interesting information.

“Earlier you said when you got to college, your ‘good boy’ image kind of took a hike...”

“Yeah,” he paused. “You mix alcohol with the situation, then parties and things happen.”

“What kind of things?” I asked.

“Crazy things... I mean I grew up straight and once college hit, that went out the window.”

So it turns out that Donovan might have been pounding on more than just his drums during band practice with his buddies. He is very full of sexual energy, admitting that he used to jerk off after every meal but he has managed to control himself and keep it to once a day!

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