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I have to cut right to the point here — Chase gave himself a mouthful to remember and it was a surprise even for him! He jerked off so intensely that he shot two of the biggest loads I have seen in a long time... and one of them went right into his own mouth!

Chase is usually the good guy whose definition of trouble is a speeding ticket going ten miles over the limit. When I saw how aggressive he became while he stroked his cock, I knew that this guy would be a lot of fun!

He was raised on the west coast, so he takes advantage of the numerous amount activities that the weather and locations here have to offer. The hiking trails are probably what gives him the most satisfaction — using a good hike as a means to relax, focus and workout.

He was referred to us by a friend that ran into him on a weekend hiking trip. I don't know what happened or how the conversation went, but I can guess! Luckily, Chase was up for the adventure and he was willing and able to travel down and show off his smooth firm butt, lean body and cheerful smile...

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