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Jeffrey is a 21-year-old, baby-faced, BBQ-brisket-loving military boy. He was recently on leave and he wanted to get away from the south, which is where he is stationed.

He's into most things that guys his age like — dirt bikes, hunting, sex — any adventure that gets the adrenaline pumping. In his own way, he's been trying to rush the growing-up process for some time now.

"When was the first time you noticed that you started growing facial hair?"

"When I was in middle school, I actually asked my dad to buy me a razor because I heard that if you shaved everyday, it would actually make it grow faster."

"Do you still think that is true?" I asked.

"No," he laughed.

He's definitely all grown up now. He's got a near-perfect lean runner's build with a meaty "runner's butt", lips you'd want to kiss, and a dick with a bulbous head that you know would fit great in any butt. His precum kept oozing more and more with every stroke. Then there was the biggest surprise — as he stroked his cock, he slipped a finger into his asshole, which made him shoot a nice thick load!

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