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Serge is a hot Latino dude with a great big dick. His cock hangs nicely soft, but I was really surprised at how big he is when he's totally hard. Big mushroom head on the end too.

He's also got a great face and smile and a hot shaved chest.

The ending on this video is a little different though. Serge gets to the point where he's about to cum... his nuts tighten up, his toes curl, he gets this intense look on face, and he says, "I'm going to cum." Then one single (albeit big) drop of cum oozes out.

So I'm thinking that he's done and that we're going to have to come back and film some more. But he kept jerking... so I didn't say anything and just kept the camera rolling. Well I'm glad I did because he came again... hard and high... so high, in fact that it shoots out of the camera frame and flies over his shoulder.

I guess patience really does pay off.

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