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Mike is an east coast transplant who is a budding 24-year-old musician. He's definitely got that rock n' roll look to him — ears pierced, deep voice, and good looks.

At one point, he managed to get a small group together to play the bars but now he is really focusing on honing his talents and getting a serious band together. What really captured my attention about Mike was how hairy his sexy muscled body was. I'm not talking about a "happy trail" here. This guy is a happy pasture! If you like hair, then there is no part of Mike's body you won't like.

"You're pretty hairy!" I exclaimed.

"Yeah, my friends in high school used to call me 'Teen Wolf'."

"So you were this hairy in high school? How old do you think you were when you started getting hairy?"

"I was the youngest out of my friends... probably thirteen, fourteen years old," he replied. "Not this hairy, but it was a lot more than everyone else."

The nickname bothered him somewhat back then but now he loves his body hair. He says that it creates a great physical sensation when he or someone else touches it. I could tell... he shot his load like a super soaker all over the bed!

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