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When I first met Colin, I was sure he was a science teacher.

Maybe it's because I had a hot science teacher in high school who looked a lot like Colin — pale, kind of dorky, but with nice, hairy, muscled arms that I couldn't help admiring as he taught us how chemicals react.

So, I was surprised to find out that Colin is actually a yoga instructor. He practices "hot yoga," which is a 105-degree heated version of Bikram yoga that keeps you sweating. He showed us some of the positions, but I was just glad that it gave us the opportunity to get him naked, with that hot ass of his straight up in the air! I loved how every muscle in his legs and arms flexed as he went through the moves.

He's not shy about being naked, and I wondered if he might teach a class or two in the nude every now and then. He's got a great, lean, muscular body, with a smooth, tight ass, and a big, thick cock. And that body hair — he has a fantastic hairy chest, furry stomach, and full bush.

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