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Amos & Jess

Amos & Jess

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The military is really strict about the way a service member presents himself in his uniform. I think it must have been Amos' day off, as he showed up a bit scruffy, so I thought it would be a good idea to get him and Jess cleaned up before getting started.

"He's all clean and pretty about it," Amos commented about Jess' shaving technique. "I just like to slap it right on there."

"You don't fuck around, huh?" I asked.

"Get the job done, you know," he laughed.

When he said that, something clicked and he made more sense to me. I remember how eager he was when he met Brodie. He was no different with Jess. In fact, he was even more playful, spraying him with shaving gel — I think to get him to drop his towel sooner rather than later. He couldn't wait to get his ass plowed by Jess' massive cock right then and there in the bathroom.

As he was getting fucked, Amos' moaning reminded me of something. It's almost like his version of a cadence call that kept the rhythm of Jess' dick going in and out of his ass. One thing is for sure — Amos' muscle butt can definitely take a good fucking!

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