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Chris & Johnny

Chris & Johnny

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Chris and Johnny turned out to be quite the pair!

We all had time to relax a bit early in the day, so we took a nice trip to the beach . They were incredibly bright eyed and and both of them were in an excited mood. The day trek gave them a chance to get to know each other. Two young hot muscled guys. Both jokesters. Both very horny.

"What's been your favorite part of the day?" I asked Chris.

"Mine? Driving along the beach. It was pretty cool."

Truth is, they were out of control! But in a good way. Between checking out all the hot women and men, they had a very interesting conversation in the car. Johnny had not been fucked before. Chris, with his subtle charm, managed to convince him that a dick in the ass isn't something to shy away from.

"So you were going to just top today... but you guys got to bond a little bit in the car and decided that you would experiment with the bottoming thing."

"Yeah." Johnny replied with a smile.

I have to thank Chris for that. They reminded me of two buds that spent a day out together looking for chicks at the beach and then ended up wanting to fuck each other instead!

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