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I met Richard through an out-of-town friend who signed up for some personal training classes at his local gym (you've got to love those New Year's resolutions). He kept talking about Richard like no other man existed in the world. I told him to give it a shot and carefully direct him towards the site in hopes that he would send in some photos. It's always worth a shot!

Well, my friend was successful and a few weeks later we got to know Richard a lot better. He is a personal trainer, recently single and having fun and loving the attention. I could now see why my friend was so enthralled. The body on Richard is chiseled to perfection. Every part of his body probably has its own weight set!

He has a very masculine demeanor and was very willing to show how he keeps in shape. His mini-lesson was a taste of the basics: biceps, triceps and chest. What I wanted to know is how he kept his ass so muscled and tight! Turns out he has a military background and the first time he had ever picked up a weight set was while he was stationed in Iraq. That training and discipline,well, it's paid off!

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