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Nolan & Ethan

Nolan & Ethan

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"I heard that one!" Nolan exclaimed as Ethan knocked back a pitch out at the park. Ethan is a big baseball fan — Nolan, well, not so much. It turns out he's never held a bat, and the fact that he missed every swing really cracked me up!

"This is all pretty new to me," he laughed.

"Go over there and teach him how to swing," I told Ethan (who is certainly becoming quite the instructor around here).

He walked over and got behind Nolan. "Alright," he started off as he wrapped his arms around him. "Get your grip. I like to hold it low."

Ethan continued to show him how to hold the bat but he was amazed at how big Nolan's body was.

"Oh, you're big!" he exclaimed.

It was a turn on to see them like this. Their cocks were visibly bouncing in their shorts... and you can't really hide those things when you're swinging around like that. Nolan was picking up the pace steadily and did very well with his first lesson. He was a quick study and started hitting the balls pretty regularly. He was very happy as he raised his hands and the bat in the air.

"I'm getting it!" he exclaimed.

"You got some good coaches."

"Great coaches," as he pointed the bat towards Ethan. "I'm liking this coach."

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