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Jeffrey & Jonathan

Jeffrey & Jonathan

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I don't know if Jonathan expected the "challenge" he was in for when he first met Jeffrey. Or maybe it was Jeffrey who didn't expect Jonathan to put up a fight when the idea of sharing some of Jeffrey's military combative training came about...

And what was the objective of the move Jeffrey was sharing today? To gain the "mount" position, of course!

Jeffrey started explaining the move, positioning Jonathan on his back and on the floor. I could see the devilish grin on Jonathan's face. This certainly wasn't a bad position to be in for him. The only thing that Jeffrey didn't consider about his "opponent" was that Jonathan runs marathons. In a contest like this, the last thing you want is those strong muscled legs wrapped around you. I had a feeling that Jonathan was not letting Jeffrey out of this position anytime soon.

The training session ended up in a draw. Neither one gave in, but ultimately Jeffrey did "pin" Jonathan down. It was obvious that these two could wrestle and fuck each other all night. I loved the contrast of Jeffrey's pale skin against Jonathan's golden tone. They sucked each other's cocks and Jeffrey got his smooth hole rimmed. Then the real fucking started. The expressions on Jonathan's face while he got his hairy hole pounded showed just how much he loved Jeffrey's thick cock inside him!

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