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When you meet someone like Jerry, you have to hold on for dear life! He was very energetic from the very first moment, and wasn't shy about showing his excitement for being here.

He's very active — loves snowboarding, hiking the mountains, and meeting new people. In fact, he considers it one of the most important things in life.

"You seem like you've got quite an engaging personality," I said. "A lot of guys come in here and they are pretty quiet. "

"Yeah, I am a talkative person. I like to be interactive with people you know. Social. So that is my whole goal in life is to meet as many people as I can, have as many connections and hopefully that leads to being more successful. So if you're shy, if you're not out there meeting people, being proactive, you aren't really going to get anywhere you know what I mean?"

Yep, like I said, he was pretty excited!

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