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Richard & Oscar

Richard & Oscar

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There is no denying it — Richard was very nervous. Being in the military, he was used to being around other naked guys, but actually taking it to the next level was something different.

"You've never had your dick sucked by a guy?" I asked.

"No, I haven't."

"Done anything with a guy?"

"Nope," he quickly in military fashion.

"No? So what are your thoughts on this?"

"A little nervous... a little nervous... kind of the fear of the unknown, I guess."

Fair enough. Although he did have some jitters, they seemed to calm once the clothes came off. He was all smiles and he was joking around with Oscar as they compared their bodies and showed off their arms, legs and butts.

"So if you had to pick your favorite part of the other person's body, what would it be?" I asked.

Oscar was a fan of Richard's pecs. Richard leaned back, looking at Oscar's butt...

"He's got a good butt on him."

They hopped into the shower for some steamy, wet, ass eating. And once Richard's cock was down Oscar's throat, the nerves had disappeared completely!

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