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Aaron & Nolan

Aaron & Nolan

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Ever remember going to the swimming pool in the summer and seeing that one guy getting out of the water, wet shorts sticking to his legs and bulging cock? Creating the silhouette so you could fantasize about it just enough? Nolan would definitely be that guy.

"When was the last time you took a bath with another guy?" I asked.

"I've never taken a bath with another guy," he replied. "But I swam in a pool!"

So he might not have been naked in the pool but I wanted him naked and wet with Aaron.

Aaron liked Nolan, and seemed eager to suck on his thick cock right then and there. They fooled around in the tub, and then it was almost too romantic as they dried each other off and kissed with Nolan's hard-on straight up in the air.

And then, Nolan fucked Aaron perfectly, opening up his tight little butt slowly and deeply. He took his time and flung him all over the bedroom in every position so that Aaron got to experience his cock at every angle!

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