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Donny & Ethan

Donny & Ethan

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Who would be a better "test" subject for a student of physiology than Ethan? His flawless body is a perfect example of the human form and I wanted Donny to show what he's learned on Ethan!

"Let's do some stretching... naked stretching!" I said.

"Let's do it!" Ethan jumped in.

As they undressed each other I just couldn't help but stare at Ethan's large uncut cock hanging between his legs. I wonder how Donny felt as he pushed on Ethan, stretching his legs and thighs, all with that huge dick flopping around! This was going to be Donny's first time fucking a guy and he was kind enough to prepare Ethan for it.

"How long are you supposed a stretch?" I asked.

"About twenty seconds," Donny responded.

"This is actually a good idea," Ethan said.

"You think you should do this before sex?" I asked.

"It makes sense," they laughed.

It was good that they did a warm-up session! It prepared Ethan for the pounding Donny gave him from behind. I hope Donny incorporates some of these new techniques in future stretching therapy sessions. They both sure seemed to enjoy it...

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