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I have seen plenty of guys around here get nervous but Brett was just off the charts! He was visibly sweating and blushing quite a bit, and I thought it was actually really cute! It made things even more exciting, with the rush of it all. He has a very sweet, innocent look to him, and he seems chilled and relaxed but he blushed at every question.

He's 22 years old and loves living the small town life. I guess he's heard some crazy road rage stories about "big city" living. A no-stress life gives him plenty of time to work on his body.

"You have perfectly shaped pectoral muscles... how do you do that?" I asked in disbelief as he took off his shirt.

"Abs. Crunches... work the core," he said confidently.

His veins ripped though his biceps as he demonstrated a brief tension-strap workout, sweat dripping from his armpits. And it just kept dripping after that as he stroked his very impressive, veiny cock that curves down just enough to fit nicely down a throat.

Every other part of his body is just as sculpted as his chest — solid muscled thighs, strong shoulders, bulging calves, and hairy legs. After dropping his first big load on a side table, he wasn't blushing much anymore!

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