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Jess & Curtis

Jess & Curtis

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You can tell when Curtis is nervous — he goes silent and twiddles his fingers. Maybe it was because he knew how big Jess' cock is... but, then again, he's had some whoppers and always seemed to enjoy them!

Jess noticed and started rubbing his shoulders, making him feel more comfortable. I didn't want to put too much pressure on Curtis right away.

Jess kept rubbing on Curtis, getting him naked, laying him down and massaging out some tension in his back and butt. Curtis was well aware of how big Jess' dick gets because he likes checking out the new guys on the site!

Once Jess' cock came out, Curtis was all over it. His eyes teared as he deep throated Jess' cock all the way down to the balls! Curtis was obviously more relaxed at this point. And that is what I wanted. You want to know when Curtis is not nervous? His cock stays rock hard as he gets thoroughly fucked!

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