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There's a certain cocky, confident attitude you get with Toby when talking to him, but he's actually very down-to-earth. He seems to be the kind of guy that would be quick to lend a hand if you needed it.

He was more than willing to share his workout secrets and the routine that gives him that ripped body. He's 6'3", fairly smooth and hairy in all the right places... and his east-coast accent makes him all the more charming when he's demonstrating the different techniques he uses to keep himself in great shape. He mixes gym equipment and the use of his own body weight to get his defined abs and extremely big, meaty ass!

I almost felt like I was getting a personal training session at the gym at he went through his paces! Of course, the clothes came off and we all couldn't wait to watch him bend over and spread his hairy ass open!

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