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Dale is an acrobatic performer and he's travelled the world. All that training has paid off and let's just say that he is very, very flexible!

His smile said it all — he was very happy to be here. That doesn't mean he wasn't a bit nervous, though.

"If someone were to ask you what you best feature was, what would you say?" I asked.

"My smile."

"Do you smile when you're nervous?"


"Is that why you are smiling right now?"


Right after that, he set himself up with a comment about his shorts being too tight… he was going to show off some stretches, and naked around here is always better. To my surprise, he went right into a series of splits that opened his muscular ass right up! I can only imagine what exciting possibilities these stretches could lead to when paired with a hard dick!

Best of all, Dale is gay. I would bet that any guy he dates would be in for some leg-splitting fucking!

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