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Davis reminds me of a guy I knew when I was in school. He was kind of nerdy, but he had dark hair and a perfect smile. He was also tall, a bit shy, and athletic and academic at the same time.

And we were in gym class together. Ah, yes, gym class... where all my curiosities were nicely satisfied! I remember one day I was kneeling while untying my shoes... and I looked up and saw his monster cock swinging from his lean, defined frame as he walked out of the shower! Good times!

Davis is lot like him. He isn't your typical muscle hound. He's quiet but social once you get to know him. I tried to break the ice with him in many ways, yet he always seemed to blush or he tried to hide his perfect smile. He's still 19 and that might have something to do with it. But he has nothing to be shy about at all! Behind his youthful face and demeanor is a man with a 9-inch dick waiting to be let loose!

His dick is very impressive, swinging between those thick, tall legs, and his balls are some of the lowest I've ever seen...

Don't ever underestimate the shy ones!

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