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Mark is a 28-year-old full-blooded Italian. He's got the hair and muscular, firmly built torso with sexy fur covering his pecs, ripped abs, and muscled legs.

He attended private school for most of his life and now... well, he's having some fun. He's got a friendly, adventurous personality and he likes to try new things.

He started our conversation by sharing some interesting sexual adventures he's had.

"You just said something crazy about the craziest place you've cum..."

"Yeah," he smiled. "The craziest position I've ever cum in was upside down. Somebody said something about coming in a handstand and we looked at each other and thought... might as well give that a try. That was the most unique position I've ever cum in."

"Were you up against a wall or are you just really good at balancing?" I asked.

"I'm just really good at balancing. No! We were up against the wall" he joked.

I think Mark is one of my new favorites!

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