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Nolan & Dennis

Nolan & Dennis

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Dennis is someone who really knows how to have a good time. Nolan falls into that same category.

I had a hunch that they would get along. They are similarly playful in their attitude, and they are both hung, hot and have proven they are good at fucking . They were very touchy and flirty with each other in the car. Since we were going to be spending some time out in the sun (and they are both pretty pale) the application of sunscreen was necessary.

Dennis flinched as Nolan rubbed cold sunscreen on his chest but was quick to interject that he was not complaining.

"I'm not complaining... who would?" he said with a huge smile on his face. Then he started to warm up the sunscreen to apply on Nolan.

"You're such a gentleman!" Nolan laughed.

"I know. Are you ready for this? It's our first date."

I could tell by the smiles on both their faces that this was going to get better once the clothes came off!

"This guy knows how to work his hands," Nolan said with a devilish grin. Perhaps Dennis is too good with his hands if the boner that Nolan started sporting was any indication. Dennis looked at it with a bit of shock.

"Holy cow! You're getting a little hard already," Dennis said. And then he turned to us: "You brought a totem pole attached to a model!"

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