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Jeffrey & Brodie

Jeffrey & Brodie

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Jeffrey has a big, beautiful cock and he has fucked a few guys with it here already. However, I remembered that he had fingered himself during his very first video. That finger action led me to believe that he might not be against the idea of having his hole worked over by the right cock.

He was all about it — especially when he found out that it would be Brodie giving him a pounding! He was ready and not embarrassed at all to admit that he had a huge butt plug up his ass so that he could prepare for Brodie's big dick. We all know how aggressive Brodie can get and Jeffrey wanted to take it full force!

It turns out Jeffrey is a moaner! He gets louder the harder he gets fucked and I could tell that he was loving it. His smooth muscled butt was positioned perfectly in the air as he pushed back against Brodie's cock so that he could get as deep a stroke as he could. Jeffrey's cock stayed rock hard the whole time as it bounced against his stomach with every thrust.

Watching Brodie pull in and out as Jeffrey's hole opened up for more clearly indicated that the two of them were having a good fucking time! Brodie affectionately jerked Jeffrey's load out and fucked him at the same time, leaving Jeffrey in what I could only call a post-orgasmic coma!

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