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They must grow them big where Jeff is from! There is no doubt about that.

At first glance, he seems like your typical 21-year-old college guy — handsome and athletic — and you would probably never guess what's lurking in his pants!

"Tell me what brings you here today?" I asked.

"I would say I always wanted to try this... just for fun."

"Any weird things in bed?"

He paused and smiled, "I'm more of a grower than a shower, so people get surprised sometimes."

"How big is it when it's hard?"

"About 8.5 to 9..."

My curiosity was piqued. You just can't throw those numbers out and not want to see what is going on! He was confident without being cocky, in fact a bit shy. I had him shake it a bit before releasing it... and then his huge uncut cock flopped out of his underwear! There is no doubt that he was spot on with the size! I couldn't help but ask...

"Ummmm... Do you ever hurt anybody with that thing?!"

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