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Jarek & Johnny

Jarek & Johnny

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Jarek likes to play the "tough and quiet" card from time to time, so it's hard for me to gauge how he is reacting to someone. Johnny, on the other hand, can be read by his smile — and that smile lit up when he met Jarek!

They both have big dicks and are in excellent shape. I had them build up some tension with a little boxing and that is when Jarek showed his excitement!

They swapped some pretty intense jabs at each other but the "tough guy" game can only be played for so long, and that's when Jarek let his guard down.

"Boxing with clothes on is kind of boring, so let's up the ante... let's lose the shorts."

That was all Jarek was waiting for. He took his shorts off and then went right in to take Johnny's off. It seemed like he was ready for another round of boxing, but then, mid punch, he smiled, looked at Johnny and said, "You know what, I don't even want to box anymore." Not even a blink later, he was on his knees with Johnny's fat dick in his mouth. It wasn't long before Jarek was fucking Johnny aggressively. Johnny's ass ended up taking a beating until there was cum dripping all over him...

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