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The first thing I noticed about Franklin when I met him was his deep sexy voice and his dark Italian features — short cropped hair, deep dark eyes, and cute smile. We started talking about his passion for cars and all I could picture was him working on them shirtless and covered in grease!

He got undressed and as he stripped he revealed a toned chest, ripped abs and some tattoos he had tried to keep from his mom. And then he dropped his pants! I was completely caught off guard!

"Holy shit you've got low hanging balls... I can't really take my eyes off your balls right now! They're insanely insanely large!"

"Sometimes they get lower too when it gets hotter," he smiled as he fondled them in his hands.

"They get lower than that? When you're getting blow jobs, do you like it when people grab your balls and play with them?"

"I like it when they grab them and bring them up... or sometimes when I am having sex, they slap too hard and I literally have to hold them sometimes when I am fucking."

So not only does Franklin's thick dick look like it hits the right spot on the inside, but his balls also do their part by slapping you from behind. I was beyond mesmerized by the way he worked his cock and balls. What left me in even more of a daze? The gigantic load that blasted over his head, onto his face, and all over the damn place. Wow!

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