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Robert & Jeffrey

Robert & Jeffrey

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I've really grown to rely on my gut instincts. When Robert was done with his first video, he was well aware of what else goes on around here and asked — politely — how one would go about such things. Of course I am talking about getting fucked. I had a hunch he would be interested, and all he had to do was ask!

Jeffrey, our versatile military stud, has no aversions to butt plugs. He's talked about it previously.

"Have you ever used butt plugs on somebody before?" I asked Jeffrey.


"Really? I wasn't expecting a 'Yeah'." I laughed. I kind of thought he'd deny it.

"Actually... I like a small one for myself also." He smiled and we had to oblige!

Either way, these two guys were ready for a good fuck session and I didn't want to keep Robert waiting. Jeffrey pounded right into Robert's hole. Then, true to his earlier comment, he stopped and popped a butt plug into his own hole and continued to pound into Robert until they both busted their loads...

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