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There's something about a hot guy who's a little bit older!

Cory fits the bill of the southern California surfer perfectly. There's a relaxed tone to his voice, an obvious tan line right at the top of his ass, and he was up for anything that would give him a thrill. He stands 6' tall, he has a great smile, and he's got some big muscles!

He works out but gives most of the credit for his huge torso to years of surfing. He's travelled all over for the perfect wave but is particularly fond of Hawaii, where he caught some of his biggest waves.

"So how long have you been surfing?"

"I was probably... I wanna say nine or ten," he replied.

"Do you do anything else in the water?"

"Yeah, I scuba. I love to spear fish. I love lobster... diving for lobster is one of my favorite things to do."

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