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Abel is a 20-year-old personal trainer. He's from the South and he hasn't travelled much but is now taking the time to get out and see other parts of the country (when he can between school and work).

He's 6 feet tall, he has a very cute smile, and he's very confident. That's probably because he takes a lot of pride in his body. He's all muscle and he went right into a flexing pose before getting naked!

The personal trainer in him popped out a bit as he shared his squat technique. He goes really low, with his butt almost touching the ground. He swears it gives you a perfect back side.

"Do you get a lot of attention when you are working out at the gym?"

"Yeah. I am the trainer that the women wanna work with," he said. "A lot of the guys make fun of me. They call me the 'Ken doll'. It's kind of hard to be taken serious sometimes but I gotta let them know — listen to me... I'm here to get you fit!"

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