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I haven't seen anyone this excited and (equally) nervous in a while. Quinn really hasn't had a chance to talk to anyone about sex with another guy. It's been hard since he is from a small town and the only experience he had involved a guy sucking him off while he jerked the guy off with his feet!

He was very curious and talkative and the questions just kept coming. He was excited about it all... just the thought of another naked guy would get him hard!

"What was the name of the porn you were watching?"

"Men threesomes? It's probably not the real name... but it got me hard." He smiled.

"What made you hard about it?"

"Just thinking about me being in there!"

"Where would you be in that?"

"Probably be behind..."

'Would you ever want to be in the middle?"

"Possibly... it's a lot of work."

Well no matter what position he ends up in, I think Quinn will have no problem finding a guy to shoot his load with. He's well built, open to new things and ready to get out and explore!

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