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When I first saw Gregory, he reminded me of someone working at a law firm that you secretly want to see naked because he's so angel faced and looks so good in his dress shirt and slacks. He was a bit reserved at first but I picked up some hints that he wasn't as innocent as he was trying to be.

"What's your normal personality like?"

"I'm actually usually pretty upbeat despite what I am like right now...I can make friends with anybody. I'm a people person for sure."

"So would you consider yourself pretty extroverted or introverted?"

"Extroverted for sure."

"Is this the craziest thing you've ever done?"

"It's up there."

Sure enough, once he got the blood pumping into his cock, it was on. He's got a tight beefy body on him. Definitely athletic!

Then there was an unexpected surprise that I don't think I have caught on film before. He blew his load all over the sofa and as he sat there... it drained down right onto his balls, coating them with cum. I have to admit, it was very hot!

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