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Adam isn't afraid to be in front of the camera. He actually has been through the audition process for several action films in hopes of becoming an action star. He's 6' tall, 26, and has a very nice chiseled face and body. I can see him landing a rough but handsome role where he saves the day!

"What got you interested in acting?"

"I've just always wanted to act out a character since I was a little kid and tell a story... I just love it," he replied with a smile.

"What's your favorite role? Have you ever done theatre before or just films?"

"No. Theatre is not my thing. I think I'm going to be more of an action character."

"So kick ass and take some names?"


I have to say that he does have a sweet but brooding vibe to him that makes him attractive. He also has a great body. He claims to not work out and attributes his physique to years of playing basketball, football, eating good, and genetics...

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