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Robert & Jamie

Robert & Jamie

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I got a lot of requests asking about the possibility of Robert fucking someone. It's not that I haven't been trying... but he does have a huge dick and it tends to take someone with a passion for cock to be able to handle it. And then it hit me — Jamie! Why didn't I think of it before?

These two were more than a handful. We hit the beach for a bit and they ended up wanting some ice cream. Who am I to say no?

"We'll have to have you guys lick it off each other," I joked.

"I'm sure you'll see me lick something off of something somewhere later," Jamie smirked.

"The ice cream will make it taste better right?"

"It will settle the stomach... soften the throat, prepare it."

Well, it didn't take long for Jamie to start bobbing up and down on Robert's cock. I think he slurped on it faster than he did the ice cream!

I knew that Jamie's ass would be able to handle Robert's big dick. Robert fucked him for a bit and then continued opening his hole with his fingers before plunging back in.

Then out of the blue Robert decided he wanted Jamie's cock inside him! Once again, who am I to say no? Jamie had a great time fucking him before they both shot their loads. It seems to me that Robert really loves getting thoroughly fucked!

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