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Kennan has a sweet smile and a fun personality. He's 20 now, but it's hard to believe that just a few years ago, he was what he calls a tall, 6'2", 150-pound "skinny little guy". There wasn't a lot to do in his small town so he dedicated himself to hitting the gym. The results turned out to be remarkable.

"When you started working out and getting bigger, did you notice a big change in how people looked at you?"

"Actually... the bigger you get, you notice more guys noticing you than girls," he said.


"Yeah... you got the guys like pushing the girls in the face, 'Oh shit dude, what's your workout regiment? How'd you get like that?' "

"So you get a lot of guys that stare at you though?"

"Yeah. Of course. Especially in the gym. Even straight guys will confuse you sometimes. Come up to you and you're about to do your set. A guy comes over — he was giving me looks for about a week before this — but comes over to me and grabs my back a little bit and walks by... doesn't say anything."

Who wouldn't want to feel his body? His back is huge and his ass is amazing. His butt is definitely in the top 5% of amazing asses I have seen here! His cock also grew nice and thick and then shot one of the biggest non-stop loads I have seen in a long time! He just kept shooting and shooting, leaving the gym floor covered in cum!

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