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Jake & Brodie

Jake & Brodie

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Jake and Brodie started their day off in a very playful mood and that always gets me excited because I never know what to expect. Jake was jumping onto the punching bag (that actually made me nervous) and Brodie was pretending to jerk off with a set of weights.

They were laughing and joking and even initiated a game of hacky sack.

"So is this sexy or what?" Jake asked, almost surprised that I was being entertained by watching them kick the hacky sack around.

"This is so hot because I am just watching your 'junk' bounce around. I'm not even watching the hacky. That's all I am looking at."

They knew exactly what I was talking about. I don't know if Jake had been practicing the move that followed, but it just happened that the ball somehow landed on his crotch — and Brodie seemed to know exactly what to do at that moment so I let them do it! They kissed and Jake worked on Brodie's cock... and then Jake's hairy ass was ready to take a slamming.

I love that Brodie never holds back! His cock rammed in and out of Jake — and Jake took it all! They even managed to use a piece of workout equipment to perfectly hang Jake's ass at the right angle for fucking. The sweaty sex continued as Jake hung on to the bench-press weight, arm pits sweating, ass open and one arm stroking his cock until Brodie fucked the cum out of him!

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