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Trevor has the most beautiful bedroom eyes and a great, very coy smile. He is also full of surprises.

When I first met him I had him pegged as a straight dude who is strictly into vanilla heterosexual sex. But as we were doing this movie, I noticed that there was something different. And then when he asked me if I had any anal toys I was definitely surprised.

So I got out a dildo and handed it to him and he proceeded to shove it up his ass. In light of the fact that most straight guys consider their ass a one-way street, I asked him about it after we were done.

It seems that Trevor has a girlfriend who really gets off on man-to-man sex. She likes to fuck Trevor with toys and she's even had him get fucked by another guy while she watched. Trevor said he's gotten to used to the anal sensation during sex and now it's hard for him not to have it.

Now that's what I like!

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