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Jarek & Jonathan

Jarek & Jonathan

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I really like Jarek more and more every time I see him. There is just something mysteriously sexy about him — muscles from head to toe, big hard uncut dick, and I swear he's even hotter with his body hair grown out. I'd say Jonathan pretty much agrees and he could not wait for Jarek to fuck him!

"Welcome back to you... where were you?" I asked Jonathan.

"I did some vacationing, some schooling... had a good time."

"And now you are back to fuck!"

"Do you have a pre sex work out?"

"You've got to work out every muscle," Jarek replied as he proceeded to show off a pretty fancy move, flipping Jonathan over and onto him. Just imagine being man handled like that!

Then, Jarek fingered Jonathan's ass, preparing it before sliding his cock into him. The fucking went from slow, deep, long strokes to intense, ass-spreading ramming. I could tell that this was something Jonathan wanted for a really long time, especially after watching him lick every last drop of cum from Jarek's cock!

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