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Stuart is very confident and relaxed, and he looks very innocent! But after talking to him a bit, I saw his devilish side start to show through.

"You are the most calm relaxed person I have met in a while. Are you excited to be here?"

"Very excited," he replied.

"What brought you here? Just pure curiosity or you wanna show off a little bit?"

"I kind of want to show off a little bit."

"Do you like girls?"


"Do you like boys?"

"I love them!" he responded with no hesitation. "I like them very small because I am a very dominant person...I like to have my way with them."

He's got a great muscled body, and one of the sexiest, hairiest asses I have ever seen! He confessed that at one point when he was younger he was a bit self conscious about his body hair, but I am glad he realized that there are people out there that love it!

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